seattle calendar for experimental music

Guidelines for submitting a performance

Please keep in mind that Cog-Dis exists to promote music that is in some way experimental or beyond what's considered by most to be normal. If your music resembles that of artists that are or have been popular, it probably doesn't fit the mission of the calendar to post your gig. This is not meant to reflect on the quality of anyone's music and we wish all struggling musicians the best of luck. If we don't already know your music or you don't have the recommendation of someone we trust, we need to hear your music before we post anything about it. Links to MP3s on the web would be ideal. If you cant do that, contact us and we'll give you an address to send a recording.

Send us the information as soon as you can. As in, not long after you have the show booked and way before you would send an announcement to your personal list of friends. Four to three weeks in advance would be ideal.

Proof read, spell check and use proper punctuation in your descriptions. Descriptions of a surreal nature are OK to use if that's what you want. Just keep in mind that vague poetry rarely gets anyone out of the house to see a show.

Calendar - October 19, 2017